mei 9, 2009

Autonomous Antifas from Amsterdam organize a benefit for the public campaign against the election attempts of the Nazi party NPD to get into local parliaments in Germany.

Autonome antifascisten Amsterdam organiseert een benefiet ten bate van de publiekscampagne die Duitse antifascisten organiseren tegen de verkiezingscampagne en verkiezingsaspiraties van de Naziparij NPD (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands) om zichzelf verkozen te krijgen in de deelstaatsparlementen van Duitsland.

Vals (Anargopunk Utreg) / Sangre (internationalglamcrustcircus) / Molotov Complex (HC Punk from Adam&Utrecht) / Fucking Pissed (sophisticated love songs Adam&USA)

DJ Wsomething with support by Bakfiets Bastards (PutoM&Revolt77)

>> Cocktailbar, Antifa Infostands and Merchandise

15.05.2009 @ OCCII / Amstelveenseweg  / Amsterdam
Show at 21:00 / 5 Euro entrance

Vertaling volgt…


The benefit money will be donated to the “ANTI NPD” campaign. Local antifascist groups, unions, left-wing parties and individuals organize together info stands, demonstrations, info evenings, actions and write and print publications, statements and flyers in large amounts in order to inform the general public about the election attempts of the German Nazi Party NPD.


“Super election year 2009” of the German Nazi party NPD

In 2009 there will be elections in several federal states of Germany as well as for the European Parliament.

The NPD will take this as an occasion to strengthen and expand their existing mandates in states and cities in Germany as well as she tries to get more election victories. The campaigning machinery is working hard to build more symbolical strength, to reach more potential voters, to spread her ideology and to integrate her more and more in the political and social life.

The right-wing extremists do not hide themselves any longer, they dare to show up openly in the streets, make information stands, public meetings, propagandistic actions (Posters, flyers, neighborhood newsletters) to gain attention. In addition the NPD occupies mobilizable topics like migration, “foreign infiltration” versus nationalization, criticism of the European
Union and the bureaucracy as well as social topics like poverty, welfare and unemployment.

Antifascist groups recognize an increasing amount of public and propagandistic actions, gatherings, newly formed local groups and public appearances particularly in South-West Germany. These whole activities might be the preparation of the election campaign for local and city parliaments in the region.

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