Queeristan 2010: Workshops, Queer-March en meer

maart 24, 2010

QueerNL is initiating Queeristan 2010, a weekend devoted to discussion workshops on queer politics in The Netherlands, forming of action groups on specific themes, a Queer Pride march, and of course a queer party. If you want to be a part of the organising, or want to kept informed, contact Queer-NL: queernl(ad)gmail.com


There will be three workshops during the weekend. Each workshop will be have 3-4 panelists who speak for less than 10 minutes, followed by a lengthy discussion amongst everyone. We hope to lead each workshop into ending with a definite conclusion in the form of an action group on a specific issue.

The three themes are :

  • Homonormativity, corporatisation of the Dutch gay scene, and classism within the LGBT community,
  • Islamophobia and the Dutch right wing and their links to ‘gay rights’ and racism within the community
  • Sexism and transphobia within the LGBT community, and how we do we evolve a common political platform

The contents of each of these workshops are described here in detail.

Queer pride march

We will also be organising an anti-racist anti-sexist queer pride march on sunday afternoon and we invite everyone – individuals and organisations – to join us. We hope to make use of this march to announce the conclusions of the discussions and the formation of the action groups and also to attempt a LGBT/queer pride march which is non-commercial, politically inspired, and inclusive.

Lees meer hier: http://www.queer-nl.org/

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