Press release: Amsterdam anti-fascists call out for resistance against pro-Wilders EDL demonstration.

oktober 15, 2010

On the 30th of October the notorious racist hooligans from the English Defence League (EDL) are planning a demonstrative gathering on the Museumplein in Amsterdam.
They do this to express their support for Geert Wilders while he awaits the verdict in his prosecution for hate incitement en discrimination. They also want to use this event to launch an pan-european movement with new divisions formed in the Netherlands and France.
The EDL are an mixed collection of racists, neo-Nazi’s and hefty hooligans who in Great-Britain organise regular demonstration that most of the times end in brutal violence against random members of the public, cops and counter protestors.
Only last weekend 1500 cops in Leicester couldn’t prevent that boozed up and drugged out EDL members broke out of their demonstration and vandalised multiple shops, attempted to storm an mosque, attacked journalists en assaulted migrants.
At a previous solidarity demonstration with Wilders masked EDL members chanted repeatedly racist abuse.
Prominent figures in the EDL are several members of the fascist BNP party, lots of hooligans convicted for serious violence and the notorious Northern-Irish terrorist Johnny “Mad Dog” Adair.
Also within the recently launched Dutch branch, the “Dutch Defence League” you can find very controversial figures. A prominent role seems to be reserved for the extreme-rightwing professional activist Ben van der Kooi, an regular member on anything between Pim Fortuijn remembrances too all out neo-Nazi demonstrations who in 2006 only on a technicality got cleared of arson in an Rotterdam mosque.
Like Wilders the EDL/DDL offer no solution for the very real problems facing our society but only spread their poison of hate and intolerance.

Because of this, Antifa!-Amsterdam and AFA (AntiFascist Action)-Netherlands call out everybody to come to the Museumplein on the 30th of October in resistance against this racist scum.
They appeal to anyone fed up with the tsunami of hate, discrimination and intolerance that is engulfing the Netherlands at the moment. An appeal to anyone who no longer wants to see how people are oppressed and pitted against each other. They call out for everybody too, each in their own way but loud and clear, show that day that enough is more than enough.
Because like someone recently said at an information evening organised by AFA “If the EDL are an indication for what awaits us if Wilders gets his wished for paramilitary’s then broad but uncompromising resistance is an bitter necessity”.

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